Le blog de Fanny, fan de poneys et de chevaux

Le blog de Fanny, fan de poneys et de chevaux

7 Free e-books about Horse & Horses (Care, Training, tricks, horses for Dummies, sense, pains, how to raise, true story ...)

7 Google e-books about horses.

Title of the books : Trick Training your horse to success, How to identify and release your Horse's pain points, Horse Sense : guide to horse care, Horse safe : Guide to equine safety, Horses for dummies. The last book Horse Miracles, are inspirational true stories about remarkable horses.

The e-books are not complete, but there is a long text to be discovered which already allows to learn a lot.


This blog is a french blog, but a lot of americans visit it. So we decided to make some articles especially for you in english....  Just have a look ! And don't hesitate to tell us your advice about those books.













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